A Partial Genealogy of the Bertsche Family

This is an attempt to show how the Bertsches are related to one another. It focuses on the Bertsches in America, mainly because I have not been able to trace the family's history much further back. This genealogy is obviously not complete. If you have anything to add, please let me know!

Descendents of Michael Bertsche

1 Michael Bertsche--of Zurich, Switzerland and Eppenbrun, Germany (moved to Eppenbrun about 1800). m. Katharina Nafziger 1798; x. 1-23-1854, buried in Baden-Baden. A short report of what we know of Michael Bertsche is available.

1.1 Joseph Bertsche--moved to Hamilton, Ohio about 1844?
1.2 Anna Bertsche Kinsinger--moved to Hamilton, Ohio about 1844?; m. Christian Kinsinger 1844, Hamilton, OH.
1.3 John Bertsche I--b. 8-11-1832 Erlenkopfhof, Pirmasens, Germany; m. Katherine Hauter of Ridelberg, Alsace-Loraine (b. 3-14-1834) 1-27-1857; x. 3-12-1915, Meadows, IL. John and family came to America in 1873 on the S.S. Vaderland. A brief history of the Bertsche family, including the move to and early days in America was written by Phoebe in 1920.
1.3.1 Katherina Bertsche Kinsinger b. 1-18-1858 Pirmasens, Germany; m. Heinrich Kinsinger 11-30-1887; x. 1931, Pandora, OH? Had 5 children.
1.3.2 Joseph Bertsche--b. 11-27-1859; m. Verena Greiser Feb 28, 1882; x. 12-5-1930. Had 11 children.
Descendents of Joseph Bertsche (settled in IN; my branch of the tree)
1.3.3 Sussana Bertsche Bachman--b. 12-20-1861; m. John Bachman; x. 8-27-1922. Had 7 children. (Gospel Herald Obit)
1.3.4 John Bertsche II--b. 1-13-1864; m. Phoebe Kinsinger 1-13-1891; x. 5-27-1938. Had 7 children. John's daughter Linda wrote her recollections.
Descendents of John Bertsche II
1.3.5 Lenchen (Lena) Bertsche Gyssler--b. 8-8-1865; m. John Gyssler (b. 4-15-1856) 2-15-1885; x. 6-3-1955.
1.3.6 Peter Bertsche--b. 8-1-1867; m. Fanny Kinsinger 2-16-1893; x. 9-7-1921, Goodland, IN. Had 7 children.
Descendents of Peter Bertsche
1.3.7 Barbara Bertsche Kinsinger--b. 9-12-1869; 2d wife of Joseph Hauter Kinsinger, m. 1-23-1897; x. 7-26-1957. Had 1 child, 2 stepchildren.
1.3.8 Jakob Bertsche--b. 2-16-1873; m. Emma Ehresman 1896; x. 1932. Had 3 children.
Descendents of Jakob Bertsche
1.3.9 Phoebe Bertsche--b. 8-30-1876; x. 11-17-1947. Wrote a brief history of the Bertsche family in 1920.
1.3.10 Elizabeth Bertsche--x. in infancy.

Possible Connection?

I believe this is Joseph son of Michael, but this has not yet been verified. If anyone has any more information on the individuals below, please let me know!

Joseph Bertsche--b. abt 1830, Bavaria, Germany; m. Barbarah xx (b. abt 1831, Bavaria, Germany). Farmer in 1880 census in Hanover, Shelby Cnty, IN.
John Bertsche--b. abt 1857, OH; m. Molly xx (b. abt 1856, OH). Farmer in 1880 census in Hanover, Shelby Cnty, IN.
Phelephena Bertsche--b. abt 1859, OH.
Joseph Bertsche--b. abt 1863, OH.
Katie Bertsche--b. abt 1865, OH.
George Bertsche--b. abt 1867, OH.
Annie Bertsche--b. abt 1870, OH.

I suspect that two of Joseph's sons married the same woman, but this connection has not been verified yet:

Joseph (?) Bertsche-- m. Rosalie Windfall Harvey (b. 10-30-1870, Tipton Cnty, IN; x. 2-22-1939, Witchita, KS) 7-16-1887.
John Bertsche
Bill Bertsche
George (?) Bertsche-- m. Rosalie Windfall Harvey (b. 10-30-1870, Tipton Cnty, IN; x. 2-22-1939, Witchita, KS).
Horace L. Bertsche--b. 9-18-1903 in KS; m. Ruth Eunice Crosslin (b. 12-4-1904; x. 2-22-1999 Witchita, KS) 4-17-1930 Sedgwick Cnty, KS; x. 10-3-1980 Witchita KS.

This is probably John, son of Joseph and Rosalie, but again this has not yet been verified:

John Miles Bertsche--b. 7-4-1889, KS; m. Bessie Aletha Crotts (b. 11-1-1892 Reno, KS; x. 12-26-1965) 5-14-1912 Reno, KS; x. 5-23-1965, Riverside Cnty, CA. SSN 573-01-9973.
Frances M. Bertsche--b. 1-2-1914, Hutchinson, Reno, KS; x. 1940 Reno, KS. buried Partridge Cemetery, Reno, KS.
Samuel E. Bertsche--b. 11-13-1916 KS; x. 12-6-1999, Manhattan, KS. Lived in CT and Weslaco, TX and Hutchinson, KS (SSN 045-26-7368, CT) author and/or literary critic? (reference, reference) obits in Manhattan KS-M (12-13-1999), Hutchinson News (12-11-1999), Valley M-S (Weslaco, TX; 12-9-1999), Monitor (KS? TX?; 12-8-1999)

Descendents of John and Barbara Bertsche

This John emigrated from the same area about 15 years after Michael's son John, above. The two lines are probably related, but we have not figured out how yet.

2 John Bertsche--b. 2-1863; m. Babette (Barbara) Chormann (b. 12-1865; x. 12-9-1939) 6-25-1890, Cincinnati (?). Both immigrated from Alsace-Loraine to US in 1889, moved to Westchester, Ohio (?), then Cincinnati. x. 8-11-1923 Vine St. Hill Cemetery, Cincinnati.
2.1 John Bertsche Jr.--x. 1892, youth cemetery.
2.2 William Carl Bertsche--b. 8-1893; m. Carolyn Rose Steidle. (from Cincinnati, OH); x. 12-1972?
2.2.1 William Richard Bertsche--b. 3-21-1916; m. Dorothy Hilda Hoffmann (b. 8-13-1918) 12-30-1939; x. 4-27-1979. Lived in Cincinatti, OH. Carolyn Margaret Bertsche Stegeman--b. 3-3-1942; m. Robert Hilton Stegeman (b. 11-27-37) 1967. Has 2 children. (StegieC@aol.com) William Richard Bertsche--b. 11-9-1943; m. Camilla D. xx (?). Lives in Mystic, CT; architect with Mercer & Bertsche. (willgmu@pcix.com, reference) Katie Bertsche (kbertsch@polar.bowdoin.edu, page, home page) William Bertsche (wab6@cornell.edu)
2.2.2 Carl Irwin Bertsche--b. 3-15-1921; m. Verna Ritchie (b. 12-28-1921). (from Dayton, OH) Lives in Centerville, OH; winters in Marco Island, FL.
2.2.2.x Patricia Louise Bertsche Deis-Gleeson--m. Larry Deis, m. John Gleeson. Lives in Liberty Twp, OH.
2.2.2.x Carl I. Bertsche Jr.--b. 5-30-1949; m. Renna Bussell (b. 6-8-1949). Lives in Xenia, OH. (e-mail)
2.2.2.x.x Eva Elizabeth Bertsche
2.2.2.x.x John Carl Bertsche
2.2.2.x.x Benjamin Kenneth Bertsche
2.3 Walter George (or S?) Bertsche--b. 2-13-1895 (1896?); m. Elenora Leder (b. 12-28-1894 in OH; x. 3-1979) 1919; x. 4-1976, Vine St. Hill Cemetery, Cincinnati.
2.3.1 Ellen Bertsche Smith--b. 1920?; m. Richard W. Smith. Has 3 children. Lives in Melbourne, FL. (EBS254@aol.com)
2.3.2 Walter David Bertsche--b. 1-29-1922; m. Patricia Ann Blackwell (b. 7-26-1922) 10-9-1943. Lives in Cincinnati and Naples, FL. Jill Suzanne Bertsche Mitchell--b. 3-21-1946; m. Bruce Mitchell. Has 2 children. (71674.550@CompuServe.COM) Tricia Mitchell-- Brian Mitchell-- W. David Bertsche, Jr.--b. 8-1-1947; m. Ann I. Banks (b. 9-5-1947). Live in Cincinnati, OH. Ann is an RN working in Bethesda Fertility Center. (daveb@one.net) W. David Bertsche, III--b. 10-23-1969. (daveb@cybercities.com.au) (reference?) Christopher Allen Bertsche--b. 6-14-1982. (home page, photos) Jonathan Tyler Bertsche--b. 7-19-1983. (pntsnf@yahoo.com) Kenneth Wells Bertsche--b. 8-8-1954; m. Dawn Elizabeth Hatley (b. 10-20-1956). Lives in Cincinnati.
2.3.3 Ralph John Bertsche--b. 1923; m. Barbara A. Wright (b. 5-17-1926) 1949 (now in Avon, CO), m. Joyce Kneisel 12-30-1971. Lived in Lebanon, OH; now in Naples, FL. (rbertsche@webtv.net) Kathie Ann Bertsche Miller--m. Joseph Stanley Miller. Lives in CO? Sally Bertsche Cogen. Lives in Lebanon, OH. Francine Bertsche Siebert R. John Bertsche (dec?) Amy Melissa Bertsche (abertsche@webtv.net)
2.4 Elsie Bertsche Graf--b. 1901? 1903?; m. George Graf.

Other Bertsches

Below are parts of other branches of the family tree. Some may be descendents of Joseph, son of Michael; others are related further back, in Germany or Switzerland.

A branch of Bertsches who settled in Southern Indiana.

3 Anthony Bertsche--b. abt 1831, Wertemberg; m. Jane xx (b. abt 1842, IN). in 1860 and 1900 IN census. Harness maker in 1880 census in Alexandria, Madison Cnty, IN.
3.1 Belle Bertsche Runyan--b. abt 1866, IN; m. Arlantis Runyan (b. 10-18-1863, Clinton Cnty, IN).
3.2 Ralph Herbert Bertsche--b. 8-11-1871; m. Cornelia Elizabeth (Nell) Pierce (b. 9-25-1874, New Albany, IN; x. 11-5-1964, Andrews, IN) 6-12-1895, Indianapolis, Madison Cnty, IN; x. 10-8-1947 Alexandria, IN.
3.2.1 Ralph Herbert Bertsche, Jr.--b. 10-27-1902 Alexandria, IN; m. Rose Marie Gurard (b. 9-1(7?)-1907 Canada; x. 11-28-1997, Santa Barbara, CA. SSN 378-32-9691 MI) 4-4-1924; x. 5-9-1972 in Santa Barbara, CA. SSN 380-10-7112. Patricia Bertsche Hetter--b. 1927; m. Frederick Lawrence Hetter (b. 10-9-1928; x. 5-1984. Lived in MA). Ralph Herbert Bertsche III--b. 1-21-1929; m. xx Fuentes; x. 7-23-1995 in Douglas City, Trinity Cnty, CA. Lived in Louisianna and CA. (born in IN). Ralph Herbert Bertsche IV--b. 11-28-1952 San Francisco, CA; x. 8-11-1979 Marin Cnty, CA. Sheri Ann Bertsche--b. 12-11-1955 San Francisco, CA.
3.3 Daisy Bertsche Wert--b. abt 1874, IN; m. Charles M. Wert, 12-25-1895, Madison Cnty, IN(?).
3.4 Effie Bertsche--b. abt 1876, IN.

A branch of Bertsches from Kentucky. Is George a descendent (maybe second generation) of Joseph (1.1, above)?

4 George Bertsche--b. 1884, Newport, KY; m. Mary Cotter (Hawthorne) (b. Ohio 1888; widowed twice--remarried to George Murphy, then Thomas Hawthorne; x. 1964); x. 2-23-1930. Drove wagon for Weidemann Brewery.
4.1 Clara M. Bertsche--b. ~1905, KY.
4.2 Carl Bertsche--b. 8-30-1907, KY; m. Isabelle xxx (b. 5-19-1911; x. 5-6-1977, Bellevue, KY); x. 7-31-1970, Newport, KY.
4.2.x Donald Richard Bertsche--b. 10-20-1933; m. Wanda Jones; x. 1-3-1999, St. George, UT; buried Big Bone Baptist Church, Union, KY. Lived in KY and UT. (obit)
4.2.x.1 Donette Lee Bertsche Jaimeson--b. 9-30-1955, San Diego County, CA Live in Crestline, CA.
4.2.x.2 Brenda L. Bertsche Stewart--b. 9-9-1957, Los Angeles Cnty, CA; m. Wallace D. Stewart (b. abt 1955) 6-5-1976 in Campbell Cnty, KY. Live in Cold Spring, KY.
4.2.x.3 Ronald E. Bertsche--b. abt 1959; m. Lela M. Schmerge (b. abt 1961) 5-30-1981 Campbell Cnty, KY. Lived in southern CA; now lives in Florence, KY.
4.2.x.3.x Ronald Edward Bertsche--b. 5-13-1982, Orange Cnty, CA.
4.2.x.3.x Melissa Marie Bertsche--b. 9-12-1985, Los Angeles Cnty, CA.
4.2.x.4 Bernard Bertsche--b. abt 1961. Lives in Las Vegas, NV.
4.2.x.5 Teri A. Bertsche James--b. 9-12-1963, San Diego County, CA Live in Irvine, CA.
4.2.x.6 Donald L. "Donnie" Bertsche--b. 3-10-1965, San Diego County, CA Live in Page, AZ.
4.2.x.7 Traci Bertsche--Lives in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA.
4.2.x Robert K. Bertsche--b. 3-16-1936 KY?; m. Virginia Kiskaden (b. abt 1940) 11-8-1986 in Campbell Cnty, KY; x 6-12-1995, Campbell Cnty, KY. Lived in Anaheim, CA and Campbell Cnty, KY.
4.2.x Richard Leslie Bertsche--b. 1-5-1938 Newport, KY; m. Sharon Lee Renfrew (b. 5-11-1942 California). Lived in Riverside, CA and Hurricane, UT.
4.2.x.x Richard L. Bertsche--b. 5-7-1963, Los Angeles Cnty, CA; x. 5-9-1963, Los Angeles Cnty, CA.
4.2.x.x Rick L. Bertsche--b. 9-15-1967 Orange Cnty, CA; m. Elysabeth (Lysa) Canino (b. 8/30/70; (lysabe@pacbell.net)) 10-14-1994 (ELGEE67@aol.com--old) Lives in Riverside, CA.
4.2.x.x.1 Marcella Ann Bertsche--b. 10-30-1993 in Orange Cnty, CA.
4.2.x William Bertsche--b. KY?. Lives in Riverside, CA.
4.2.x Janice Bertsche Houser--b. KY?. Lives in Florence, KY.
4.3 George Thomas Bertsche--b. 6-15-1913, Newport, KY; m. Laura Miller (b. 8-14-1908; x. 1-24-1989, Libertyville, IL); x. 11-15-1978, Evergreen Cemetary, Southgate, KY.
4.3.1 Ronald T. Bertsche--b. 1939, Dayton, KY; m. Charlotte M. Putkela (b. 2-17-1939; lived in MI??); x. 1988, Wauconda, IL. Lived in Wauconda, IL.
4.3.2 David Lee Bertsche--b. 2-1-1947, Dayton, KY; m. Debera Mueller 1971. Live in Hamilton, OH. (DBertsche@aol.com--old) Bryan Bertsche--b. 1974, Baltimore Cnty, MD. Deanna Bertsche--b. 1979, Baltimore Cnty, MD. Justin Bertsche--b. 1981, Baltimore Cnty, MD.
4.4 Ruth Bertsche Tischner--b. ~1917; m. Harry Tischner
4.5 Donald L. Bertsche--x. 11-25-1943 (killed in WWII)

A fragment of the family tree from Switzerland, settling in Pennsylvania, Central CA, and New York.

5 Arnold Bertsche--b. Switzerland?; x. Switzerland?
5.x Arnold Bertsche--b. 4-1845 Switzerland; m. Elizabeth Hartzog in PA (b. 12-1845, France; x. 1905, Antrim, PA); x. 1931 Antrim, PA. Occupation: baker.
5.x.1 Lydia Bertsche--b. Berne, Switzerland; m. Harold Eisenhower
5.x.2 Frederick (Fred) Bertsche--b. Berne, Switzerland; m. Rose Flynn. Immigrated 1883.
5.x.2.1 Arnold Bertsche--
5.x.2.2 Betty Bertsche--
5.x.2.3 Raymond Bertsche--
5.x.3 John Bertsche--b. Berne, Switzerland; m. Lillian xx. Immigrated 1883?
5.x.3.1 Eugene Bertsche--
5.x.3.2 John Bertsche--
5.x.3.3 Frank Bertsche--
5.x.3.4 Mary Bertsche--
5.x.4 Eugene William Bertsche--b. 3-1879 Berne, Switzerland; m. Mary Alice (Mame) O'Connell (b. 10-1880, Antrim, PA); x. 1955. Lived in PA. Immigrated 1883?
5.x.4.1 Louise Gertrude (Lou) Bertsche--b. 9-6-1908, Antrim, PA; x. 12-1981, Wellsboro, Tioga Cnty, PA.
5.x.4.2 Elizabeth Catherine (Bett) Bertsche--b. 9-5-1909, Antrim, PA;
5.x.4.3 Mary Alice Bertsche--b. 5-27-1912, Antrim, PA;
5.x.4.4 Eugene William (Gene) Bertsche--b. 4-19-1917, Antrim, PA; m. Kathryn Minnie Wagner (b. 4-4-1919, Holiday, PA) 7-28-1950 or 7-30-1950 Roseville, NY; x. 1-1964, Middlebury Ctr, PA. Two children.
5.x.4.4.1 Robert Eugene Bertsche--b. 5-22-1953; m. Leona Newcomb. Lives in Middlebury Center, PA.
5.x. Karen Bertsche--
5.x. Jenifir Bertsche--
5.x.4.4.2 Florence Marie Bertsche--b. 1954; m. Joseph Martino.
5.x.4.5 Charles Boromeo Bertsche--b. 11-1-1918, Antrim, PA; m. xx Cronin; x. 12-17-1991, Van Etten, NY or Montclair, NJ. Three children.
5.x.5 Elizabeth (Pete) Bertsche--b. Antrim, PA; m. Raymond Boynton.
5.x.6 Arnold Bertsche--b. 3-1886 Antrim, PA; m. Elizabeth (Bessie) Sullivan in PA; x. 1931 Wellsboro, Tioga Cnty, PA. Occupation: miner.
5.x.6.2 Mariam (Marian?) Bertsche--x.
5.x.6.2 Catherine (Kay?) Bertsche--x.
5.x.6.3 Paula Bertsche--x.
5.x.6.1 John James (Jack) Bertsche--b. 1-1-1918 PA; m. Marie LaHargue (b. 11-12-1915; lives in Coalinga, CA); x. 1-30-1995 Coalinga, CA.
5.x.6.1.x John James Bertsche--m. Gaylene Elizabeth Markham (b. 8-8-1950); lives in Coalinga, CA.
5.x.6.1.x.x John E. Bertsche--b. 10-2-1971, Fresno County, CA. Lives in Bakersfield, CA. (reference)
5.x.6.1.x.x Brian W. Bertsche--b. 8-27-1975, Merced County, CA. Lives in England.
5.x.6.1.x Marguerite Phyllis Bertsche--b. 11-16-1945, Fresno County, CA
5.x.6.1.x Christine Irene Bertsche Gunderson--b. 7-11-1947, Fresno County, CA; m. Gary L. Gunderson (b. abt 1943) 6-17-1967, CA.
5.x.6.5 Lillian Bertsche--in Deland, FL.
5.x.6.6 Lydia Bertsche??--x.
5.x.6.7 Margret Bertsche??--in Blasdale, NY.
5.x.6.8 Eugena (Jeannie?) Bertsche--in Elmira, NY.
5.x.6.9 Arnold T. Bertsche--b. 1925, Elmira, NY; now in Honesdale, NY.
5.x.6.9.x Arnold E. (Arnie) Bertsche--m. Patricia K. xx (b. 5-6-1954). Lives in Potomac, MD. (reference) (75327.2221@compuserve.com)
5.x.6.9.x Mark S. Bertsche--m. Peggy xx. Lives in Lincoln, NE; involved with Navy ROTC at Univ. Nebraska-Lincoln. (article, list, e-mail)
5.x.6.9.x.1 Ryan Bertsche
5.x.6.9.x.2 Kyle Bertsche
5.x.7 Alice Bertsche--b. 8-1888 Antrim, PA; x. young, Antrim, PA.

A branch of the family that seettled in the Buffalo, New York area.

6 Julius Bertsche--b. 5-9-1830 Sankt Georgen, Berlin Stadt, Bradenburg, Pressen; m. Theresia Kuntz (b. 10-14-1838 Germany; x. 1-31-1910 Germany) abt 1855 Germany; x. abt 1880 Germany.
6.1 Heinrich Bertsche--b. 7-4-1858 Sankt Georgen, Berlin Stadt, Bradenburg, Pressen; m. Maria Weber (b. 1-23-1867 Germany; x. 1-14-1920 Buffalo, NY) 11-9-1888 Buffalo, NY; x. 3-25-1917 Buffalo, NY. Heinrich came to the US in 1879 and Maria in 1887. Buried at the United French and German Cemetery, Cheektowaga, NY lot 139 Section 8C.
6.1.1 Helen Mae Bertsche Carey--b. 5-2-1889 Buffalo, NY; m. Terrance Carey (b. 1-6-1883; x. 7-2-1967 Buffalo, NY) 6-24-1908 Buffalo, NY; x. 5-2-1920 Buffalo, NY.
6.1.2 Mathilda Bertsche Hammond--b. 9-20-1893 Buffalo, NY; m. Fred Hammond (b. 7-29-1876; x. 2-1956 Buffalo, NY) 11-12-1914 Buffalo, NY; x. 7-18-1968 Kenmore, NY. Buried at Mt Olivet Cemetery, Section S, Lot 352 grave 2 and Fred is in grave 1.
6.1.3 Joseph Bertsche--b. 10-17-1894 Buffalo, NY; x. 3-1913 Dayton, OH (presumed died in flood).
6.1.4 Elizabeth Mary Bertsche Klump--b. 9-5-1895 Buffalo, NY; m. Albert Klump (b. 2-17-1893; x. 5-14-1970 Buffalo, NY) 11-18-1914 Buffalo, NY; x. 3-22-1961 Buffalo, NY.
6.1.5 William Henry Bertsche--b. 3-14-1898 Buffalo, NY; m. Florence Camarata (b. 9-20-1899; x. 3-15-1990 Buffalo, NY; SSN 070-07-5907) 6-24-1924 Buffalo, NY; x. 12-10-1992 Buffalo, NY. (SSN 105-10-4891 NY) Mary Joan Bertsche--b. 5-8-1937
6.1.6 Theresa Kathrina Bertsche Urquhart--b. 3-26-1900 Buffalo, NY; m. Donald Ross Urquhart (b. 5-6-1887; x. 4-7-1981 Buffalo, NY) 5-1-1924 Buffalo, NY; x. 9-5-1993 Tonawanda, NY. (information from grandaughter, Catherine Nagy)
6.1.7 John Jacob Bertsche--b. 11-16-1903 Buffalo, NY; x. 6-3-1944.
6.1.8 George Julius Bertsche--b. 2-11-1907 (2-10-1907?) Buffalo, NY; m. Mary Sovinsky (x. 11-11-1991 Buffalo, NY) 10-11-1927 Buffalo, NY; x. 3-2-1956 Buffalo, NY. (SSN 105-10-4892 NY) George Andrew Bertsche--b. 7-16-1928; never married. Lived in Buffalo, NY. Richard John Bertsche--b. 3-29-1930; m. Margaret Rita O'Mara (x.). Had 5 children. Lives in FL. (e-mail)
6.1.8 Nelson Frank Bertsche--b. 4-20-1914 Buffalo, NY; m. Donna Jones (b. 10-16-1921) 7-22-1950 Buffalo, NY; x. 3-15-1992, Orchard Park, NY. (SSN 070-09-7929 NY) Lived in Orchard Park, NY. No children.

Another fragment of the family tree from Germany and the New York area.

7 Josepf Bertsche b. <1778; m. Grimm.
7.1 Ignatz Bertsch--b. 12-30-1778, Gunninger Wuertenberge, GE; m. Gertrud Traber; x. 8-19-1864.
7.1.1 Walburga Bertsche--b. 2-6-1807.
7.1.2 Ignatz Bertsche, Jr.--b. 7-29-1814, Gunninger Wuertenberge, GE; m. Florenz (Florentina) Concept (b. 3-22-1828), 8-23-1858. Wendelin Bertsche--b. 6-2-1859; x. 6-29-1860. Bernadinus Bertsche--b. 5-20-1860 in Gunningen Wuertenberge, GE. Franz Xaver Bertsche--b. 9-17-1862; x. 9-17-1862 in Gunningen Wuertenberge, GE.. Konrad Bertsche--b. 11-25-1864; x. 12-20-1864. Ambrose Bertsche (emigrated from Baden-Baden ~1886)--b. 4-30-1866 in Gunniger, Weurtr, GE; m Katherine Haussler (b. 1-1872 in Germany; emigrated ~1888; x. 1954, Millbrook, NY) ~1892 in New York City; x. 2-23-1951, Millbrook, NY. Settled in upstate NY, near Poughkeepsie. Bertha Bertsche Steiner--m. Thomas Steiner Richard Bertsche--b. ~1897? (~1892?) Emma Marie Bertsche Ahles--b. 4-11-1893; m. Carle Wilhelm Ahles, Jr. (b. 11-27-1882; x. 10-1940), 8-31-1912 in St. Peter's Church Rectory, Bronx, New York; x. 8-21-1953, Poughkeepsie, NY. George A. Bertsche--b. 2-17-1901; m. Helen Townsend (b. 3-26-1905; x. 4-20-1997, Millbrook, NY); x. ~1959. Lived in Millbrook, NY. George A. Bertsche, Jr.--b. 1-14-1936; x. 5-1-1997, Boca Raton, FL. Lived in NY and Boca Raton, FL. George Ambrose Bertsche, III ? Bertsche ? Bertsche Otto Carl Bertsche--b. 2-23-1903; m. Hilda Erhard (b. 2-26-1907; x. 1-10-1999) 10-7-1929; x. 6-30-1967. Lived in Millbrook, NY. (reference) Otto Carl Bertsche, Jr.--b. 7-15-1930; x. 3-15-1995 (or 3-5?), Boynton Beach, FL. Wife Joan. Steven P. Bertsche--b. 8-2-1952; m. Stephanie S. xx. (b. 8-9-1946), lived in Hopewell Junction, NY. and Cary, NC. Jeffrey L. Bertsche--b. 10-29-1955, lived in Millbrook, NY. Otto Carl Bertsche III--b. 1-1-1959; m. Christine xx. (b. 12-19-1954) (otbertsche@vassar.edu). Technical specialist/machinist with the Physics and Astronomy department at Vassar College in NY. (list, list) (crisbe42@aol.com). Two children. Lived in Lagrangeville, NY and Boynton Beacdh, FL. Frederick Bertsche--b. 7-17-1905; x. 10-1961. Lived in NY. Frederick Bertsche former L.A. County Sheriff's Deputy? now lives in OR Frederick Bertsche former L.A. County Sheriff's Deputy? Thearon (Dutch, Chuck) Bertsche--b. 5-21-1939; m. Judith xx. Lives in Westport, NY Ambrose Bertsche--b. 1-13-1909; m. Gertrude Kirsch; x. 5-1969. Lived in NY. Jakob Bertsche--b. 11-15-1867 in Gunningen Wuertenberge, GE.
7.1.3 Theresia Bertsche--b. 9-30-1816.
7.1.4 Rosina Bertsche--b. 3-5-1818.
7.1.5 Matthaeus Bertsche--b. 9-11-1822.
7.1.6 Johannes Bertsche--b. 12-16-1824.
7.1.7 Ursula Bertsche--b. 10-8-1826.
7.1.8 Peter Bertsche--b. 5-15-1828.
7+ George Bertsche?--settled in NJ?

A small fragment of the family tree from NY.

8 Eugene Robert Bertsche--b. 9-28-1903; x. 9-1968 (from Rochester, New York)
8.x Eugene Robert Bertsche II--b. 8-12-1925; m. Mary E. Live in Clearwater, FL.
8.x.x Eugene Robert Bertsche III (solar@vermontel.com) m. Rosemary Florance Moser. Lives in Tinmouth, VT
8.x.x.1 Cerridwen Amanda Moser-Bertsche--b. 9-28-1990 Nevada Cnty, CA

A fragment of the family tree, mostly still in Germany.

9 Adolph Bertsche--b. 1873; x. 1972 (from Lauffen, on Neckar River; wife Emilie)
9.1 Lydia Bertsche Gaiss--b. 1908; m. Alfons Gaiss
9.1.1 Wilma Gaiss Merkt--b. 1942; m. Armin Merkt. Lives in Spaichingen, Germany. (wilma.merkt@gmx.de) Thomas Merkt--b. 1968. Software engr. Lives in Albstadt,Germany (ThomasMerkt@swol.de) Conny Merkt--b. 1972. Cultural economist - Lives in Cologne, Germany
9.2 Adolph Bertsche--b. 1915; wife Louise. Moved to Thornwood NY ~1961, back to Germany ~1980.
9.2.1 Bridgette Bertsche Laki--m. Joe Laki. (Runr713@aol.com) Chemical engineer for Exxon. Lives in Houston, (Dallas?) TX.
9.2.2 Karl Bertsche (Karl.A.Bertsche@t-online.de) (100567.207@compuserve.com) Nuclear engineer for Daimler-Benz, Friedrichshafen. Wife Helga. Lives in Markdorf, Germany. Martin Bertsche--b. 1974?
9.2.3 Louisa Bertsche Lives in Germany?
9.3 Erwin Bertsche--b. 1-11-1904, Lauffen, Germany (1-18-1907?); m. Helena Flesher; x. 3-25-1966 (1967?) Moved to Thornwood, NY.
9.3.1 Mark Erwin Bertsche--b. 4-1-1951, White Plains, NY; m. Monica Gunnawa (b. 10-9-1905) 11-10-2000. (mbertsch@nycap.rr.com, mbertsche@go.com) Lives in Upstate NY. Jeremy M. Bertsche--b. 3-11-1990

An old fragment of the family tree from Germany.

10 Jacob Bertsche--b. 1635, Marbach, Villingen, Baden, Germany; m. Anna Simon (b. abt 1639, Marbach; x. 1-2-1714); x. 1-19-1714, Marbach.
10.1 Catharina Bertsche--b. 10-13-1661, Marbach; m. Lorenz Held 6-13-1682, Marbach; x. 11-21-1703, Marbach.
10.2 Martin Bertsche--b. 10-19-1662, Marbach.
10.3 Anna Bertsche--b. 7-6-1664, Marbach; m. Matthias Kaltenbach (b. 2-7-1666 Tannheim, Villingen; x. 3-7-1711 Marbach) 8-5-1694, Marbach; x. 1-18-1713, Herbolzheim, Frbrg, Baden, Germany.
10.4 Maria Bertsche--b. 1-22-1666, Marbach; m. Jacob Held 5-4-1692.
10.5 Vitus Bertsche--b. 6-17-1667, Marbach.
10.6 Agathe Bertsche--b. 1-26-1669, Marbach; m. Johann Goetze 2-5-1690; x. 8-28-1732, Marbach.
10.7 Magdalena Bertsche--b. 4-24-1670, Marbach; m. Johann Goetze; x. 8-18-1732, Marbach.
10.8 Margarethe Bertsche--b. 4-14-1672, Marbach.
10.9 Rosina Bertsche--b. 6-21-1673, Marbach; m. Samuel Hitschinger 4-8-1698.
10.10 Johannes Bertsche--b. 10-24-1674, Marbach.
10.11 Elizabeth Bertsche--b. 8-17-1677, Marbach; m. ? Blessing 10-20-1707; x. 3-3-1714.
10.12 Conrad Bertsche--b. 11-4-1679, Marbach.
10.13 Veit Bertsche--b. 6-4-1681, Marbach; m. Maria Anna Wehrle 8-19-1707; x. 9-7-1739, Marbach.
10.14 Matthias Bertsche--b. 2-11-1683, Marbach.
10.15 Georg Bertsche--b. 4-17-1685, Marbach.

More Bertsche Family Tree Fragments and Individuals

On this page are numerous collected small fragments of the Bertsche family tree, and data collected on individual Bertsches. These folks are probably all tied to the rest of us back in the Old World.

Other Bertsche Information

Other Spellings of Bertsche

These surnames are pronounced the same as Bertsche, so are probably all related to us.

If you have any knowledge of how any these folks are related to the rest of us, or to one another, please let me know!

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