Kirk Bertsche

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Professional Interests

I am an applied physicist with experience in the design and construction of technical instruments, specifically charged-particle beam devices such as particle accelerators and electron microscopes. My specialties are charged particle optics, magnets, and RF systems.

I am currently an accelerator physicist at SLAC (the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center) in Menlo Park, CA, where I am involved with LCLS alignment issues, Marx modulator testing, and ground vibration measurements.

For information on my education, publications, patents, and other places I have worked, see my resume or CV.

I am also available for consulting in various technical areas, including:

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Other Interests

I am very interested in Bible study and teaching. Much of this is general Bible teaching at my local fellowship, Grace Bible Chapel in San Jose, California. I also enjoy teaching on science-faith issues in various venues, including churches and para-church groups. I am involved with "science apologetics" through two groups, the Bay Area Apologetics Group and RTB San Jose, our local chapter of Reasons to Believe. I have also been a member of the American Scientific Affiliation for many years.

I enjoy a number of things which I developed a taste for during my time in graduate school in Berkeley:

I am also interested in tracing my genealogy, and in seeing how I am related to other Bertsches. I have assembled a partial genealogy of the Bertsche Family.

Links and Resources

Recommended Web Sites -- This list may be helpful if you share any of the above interests, or if you use a Macintosh computer.

FTP area -- Various things which I've written are available here. -- Website for Hillview and Grace Bible Chapels in Silicon Valley, CA.

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